Article May 19th 2016

PerkinElmer is committed to moving newborn screening forward in India

Like many Asian countries, India has welcomed newborn screening (NBS) as a valuable public health programme for the detection of congenital disorders and improvement of infant mortality rates.

Although steady progress has been made, screening is not yet available to most of the 26 million babies born yearly in India. PerkinElmer is committed to helping chart a course that will change this.

Following global trends in neonatal screening, India has been training physicians to screen for physical birth defects, and many states within India are now launching similar pilot programs of their own.

Biochemical testing for inborn error of metabolism (IEMs) is anticipated to follow with rising local awareness on the importance of improving child health outcomes.

A major challenge is to recognize that newborn screening is not merely a test, but a whole system of sample collection, quality control, training, treatments, and therapies.

PerkinElmer has been supplying pediatricians and hospital staff in India with maternal fetal health and NBS solutions since 2009.

In an ETHealthworld interview, Linh Hoang, vice president of Neonatal Screening Diagnostics at PerkinElmer, provides a glimpse into how the company’s vision for India is currently unfolding.

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