Presentation October 16th 2018

Vinicius Santos - Sweet Odyssey


When my brother was born, I had no idea of what was happening. Why was everyone only caring about him as if I did not exist and why did we have to move from my home country to a place very far from my friends. With strong family support I overcame my obstacles and today, more than ever, I am focused in helping other families like mine. Early diagnosis of any genetic disease has the potential to prevent severe health problems, including the most extreme condition – death. Only a few countries have implemented a comprehensive testing program and the number of tests done on a routine basis can vary within those countries, depending on state requirements. In some countries, this type of testing does not even occur. For instance, in Brazil, more than 13,000,000 people suffer from some type of genetic disorder. The number of screening tests also varies from state to state, with an average of only 4 disorders being tested. The orphan children (as I call them) from around the world suffering from genetic disorders needs your help.

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