Detect disorders in newborns accurately, earlier and more efficiently with our newborn screening products. We offer laboratories complete systems of high-quality, validated products, including newborn screening instruments, newborn screening kits and newborn screening software.

Instruments & kits

The most advanced platform for screening of NBS disorders, the GSP® Newborn screening system offers outstanding screening accuracy and reliability, coupled with high efficiency and user-friendliness.

PerkinElmer’s AutoDELFIA immunoassay system is the leading neonatal screening platform with more than 300 million screenings to its credit. Fully automatic and easy to use, the AutoDELFIA system has become the screening solution of choice for laboratories around the world, and has helped thousands of children start life with a fighting chance.

VICTOR™ 2D Instrument is the ideal measurement platform for low volume laboratories. Easy to use and reliable, Victor2™ D Instrument provides start-up screening programs with the right balance of cost-effectiveness and control.

From dried blood spot cards, punchers, instruments, reagents to informatics, PerkinElmer's mass spectrometry solutions empower newborn screening laboratories across the globe to meet their demands.

Resolve® IEF System is our diagnostic testing system for hemoglobinopathies. The system allows positive identification of the hemoglobin types, confirming the presence or absence of sickle cell diseases or thalassemia. Interpretation of gels may be aided by an imaging system such as PerkinElmer´s dedicated IsoScan gel imaging system for IEF.

EnLite™ Neonatal TREC Instrument is PerkinElmer’s platform for molecular screening of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). This complete system includes ready-to-use reagents, a Victor EnLite instrument and dedicated software. Combined with continuous support and effective training, Enlite Neonatal TREC system stands out as the practical approach to SCID screening.

Compatible kits


Panthera Puncher™ 9 is the new generation dried sample punching device for automatically punching dry blood spot samples into microtitration plates.

DBS Puncher® Instrument is an automated device for punching dried blood spot samples into microtitration plates. The 2-plate capacity puncher is an easy-to-use, robust option for lower capacity screening.

Sample collection

PerkinElmer 226 Sample Collection Device is a dried blood spot collection card comprised of 100% pure cotton linter filter paper validated for even and uniform sample distribution. PerkinElmer can custom-print and manufacture a device format that meets your specialized newborn screening requirements.


Specimen Gate® is the result of years of continuous development, and the product is widely used in all parts of the world. Specimen Gate® software modules provide control and monitoring tools for the entire screening process.