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GSP Neonatal Biotinidase kit

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This kit is intended for the quantitative determination of human biotinidase activity in blood specimens dried on filter paper as an aid in screening newborns for biotinidase deficiency using the GSP instrument.

The Neonatal Biotinidase assay combines an enzyme reaction with a solid phase time-resolved immunofluorescence assay. The amide bond in EU-labeled biotin is cleaved by the biotinidase present in the sample. The enzymereaction is stopped by addition of streptavidin and the formed streptavidinbiotin complexes are captured by the solid phase monoclonal antibodies. DELFIA® Inducer dissociates the molecules into the solution where the europium fluorescence is measured. The measured fluorescence is inversely proportional to the biotinidase activity of the sample.

GSP Neonatal kits are the industry standard for analytical performance and reliability. Each kit includes reagents, QC material and specific QC certificates. Barcoding reduces the risk of errors, and all calibrators and controls come in dried blood spot format. Automation and environmental controls ensure that screening accuracy is clearly improved when compared with manual assays. This also reduces the need for additional sample runs and allows
for more effective use of laboratory resources.

Product number: 3307-0010 (ROW) 3307-001U (In USA and Canada)
GSP Biotinidase kit

The first fully automated assay for biotinidase deficiency
All reagents ready-to-use
Calibrators and Controls in DBS format
Reagents, plates and QC materials barcoded