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GSP Neonatal G6PD kit

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This kit is intended for the quantitative in vitro determination of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) activity in blood specimens dried on filter paper as an aid in screening newborns for G6PD deficiency using the GSP instrument.

The assay is based on the oxidation of glucose-6-phosphate by the G6PD enzyme present in the sample. At the same time NAPD is reducted to a fluorescent NAPDH, which is measured with excitation wavelength at 340 nm and emission at 460 nm.

Product number: 3310-0010
GSP Neonatal G6PD kit

The first fully automated assay for G6PD deficiency screening
Reliable sample results even with floating disks
Fully automated
Calibrators and Controls in DBS format
New measurement technology
Reagents, plates and QC materials barcoded
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