Migele™ Gel Electrophoresis Unit

ExtendSURE™ HbFASC Controls (Hb610)

In the detection of hemoglobin variants using gel electrophoresis, immunoassay or other technologies, HB610 extendSURETM HbFASC controls provide the stability needed for reliable assay performance monitoring.

Covering four key Hb variants

HB610 extendSURE™ HbFASC controls represent an optimal control solution for laboratories performing hemoglobinopathy screening or diagnostic testing. The product comprises controls for the key hemoglobin variants, HbF, HbA, HbS and HbC.

Compatible with most detection technologies

HB610 extendSURE™ HbFASC controls are ideal for laboratories using PerkinElmer's RESOLVE™ platform. They are also well-suited for use with other platforms, and with other technologies, such as HPLC.

Convenient and cost-effective

Four individual vials of lyophilized preparation each reconstitute to 1.0mL of control material in which all four variants are present. After reconstitution, the controls have a stated shelf life of 6 weeks when stored at 2-8°C. This makes them particularly cost effective and easy to use. No aliquoting and freezing is required and wastage is minimized. Unopened, the controls have a lifetime of 30 months from the date of manufacture.

Product number:
Extendsure HbFASC controls

Product may not be available in all countries. Please check availability with your local PerkinElmer representative.
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