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NeoBase™ Non-derivatized MSMS kit

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Is intended for the measurement and evaluation of amino acid, free carnitine and acylcarnite concentrations (the AAAC panel) and succinylacetone from newborn heel prick blood samples dried on filter
paper with the non-derivatized method.

Product number: 3040-001U (USA) 3040-0010 (ROW) 3040-001Z (China)
NeBASE Non-derivatized MSMS kit

Non-derivatized methodology Compared with a derivatized assay, the NeoBase non-derivatized solution brings big savings in time and work, while assuring equivalent analytical performance. A derivatized assay typically requires 12 steps while NeoBase has only 4 steps.
Easy to extend the testing to include succinylacetone The kit is supplied with 25 internal standards and 23 controls, and easily supports the measurement of succinylacetone with the addition of 3042-0020 Succinylacetone Assay Solution. Succinylacetone is a suggested primary marker for Tyrosinemia type I. In total, NeoBase can measure more than 40 analytes.
Improved analytical sensitivity Used with Succinylacetone (SA) Assay Solution, the NeoBase kit provides a more comprehensive solution for expanded newborn screening by allowing the measurement of succinylacetone in addition to amino acids, free carnitine, and acylcarnitines concentrations. Quantitative analysis of succinylacetone, amino acids, free carnitine and acylcarnitines and their relationship with each other provides analyte concentration profiles.
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