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NeoGram AAAC Tandem Mass Spectrometry kit

The AAAC Multilevel DBS is prepared in whole human blood. The hemoglobin concentration is approximately 170 g/L prior to dispensing onto filter paper, and hematocrit level approximately 50–55%. The product is for maintenance use only.

The AAAC Multilevel DBS contains two filter paper casettes, each containing six-levels of amino acid (AA) and acylcarnitine (AC) analytes. AAAC Multilevel DBS specimens can be used to monitor method precision, accuracy, linear dynamic range and determine the performance variation between different instruments.

Package contents

AAAC Multilevel Dried Blood Spots 6 levels of concentration 
2 filter paper cassettes containing 1 spot for each concentration level per cassette

Product number: 4146-0010

Product may not be available in all countries. Please check availability with your local PerkinElmer representative.