QSight® 210 MD Screening System

NeoBase™ 2 Non-derivatized MSMS kit

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NeoBase™ 2 kit, The next generation in MSMS based newborn screening 

PerkinElmer, a pioneer and the global leader in mass spectrometry based newborn screening since 2002, currently offers the NeoBase™ Non-derivatized MSMS Kit, the gold standard in mass spectrometry based testing for amino acid, organic acid, and fatty acid oxidation disorders, used to screen for millions of babies annually. 

While the NeoBase™ kit has serviced the industry well, we have collected feedback from customers over the last decade to determine how we can make it easier for labs to test for more disorders, with fewer resources, while reducing their false positive rate. Based upon requests to be able to screen for more disorders in less time from a single punch in a simple three step workflow, we are proud to be developing the NeoBase™ 2 kit, the next generation non-derivatized MSMS kit, the efficient and cost-effective way to expand newborn screening without the need for additional equipment and resources.

Product number: 3044-0010 3044-001U

Why choose NeoBase™ 2 for expanded screening?

Test for more than 50 analytes, including markers for screening of X-ALD and ADA SCID, from a single DBS punch with a single extraction and incubation step
A reformulated Flow Solvent that improves ionization and makes it easy to switch between the NeoLSD™ kit and NeoBase™ 2 kit
DBS quality controls with analyte concentrations adjusted at clinically significant levels
All internal standards are in a single vial making reconstitution easy. Extraction solution is stable for up to two weeks, eliminating the need for daily preparation.
Shorter extraction time, shorter incubation time and shorter run time
New specific markers for Urea Cycle Disorders ASA-LD, OTCD, CPS-I and NAGS as well as for ADA SCID providing more conclusive screening results
NeoBase™ 2 MSMS kit may not be available in all countries, such as Canada. Please check availability with your local PerkinElmer representative. NeoBase™ 2 MSMS kit is not available on the QSight 210 MD Screening System in the US and Canada

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