Resolve™ IEF System

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A complete solution to detect inherited disorders of hemoglobin

Several hundred hemoglobin variants have been documented, and with the increasing mobility in our society, hemoglobin disorders may appear anywhere. As the global leader in newborn screening, PerkinElmer is committed to providing excellent products for hemoglobinopathy detection. Our RESOLVE™ test kits and equipment enable laboratories to produce optimal results in just hours. Our complete product solutions are backed up with a range of support functions, including training, technical support, and service.

RESOLVE™ gel products and RESOLVE™ testing equipment are in use in hospitals, clinics and neonatal labs throughout the world. The products enjoy a reputation for high performance, speed and flexibility to accommodate different laboratory’s needs.


Effective detection for a healthier future

Performance The IEF technique combined with the specially formulated gels enables good separation between hemoglobin bands differing by only 0.02 pH units, resulting in highly resolved, identifiable results. With the high quality separation achieved on the gels, it is possible to observe and compare unique hemoglobins within specific populations.
Time-efficiency The RESOLVE method takes 60 - 90 minutes, excluding sample preparation. One operator can run multiple Multiphor II electrophoresis units to produce a high number of results within the same time frame with easy visual inspection as runs progress.
Scalability Multiphor II electrophoresis units are designed for scalability. A typical setup would include 2 chambers for each Programmable Power Supply, and up to four electrophoresis units on one Circulating Water Bath. Therefore, expansion of the system is possible with minimum additional expenditures.
Product Flexibility PerkinElmer offers you two different sizes of gels, packaged conveniently to best suit your laboratory’s needs. Each size of gel can be used on the Multiphor II electrophoresis unit to evaluate cord blood, blood spots, or whole blood samples.
Multiple Evaluation Methods Hemoglobin gels may be evaluated with or without stain. In newborn screening applications staining is recommended, and for this purpose we offer the JB-2 Staining system as well as trays and rocking systems to fix, rinse, and/or stain the gels.
All PerkinElmer diagnostic products may not be available in all countries. For information on availability please contact your local representative.
Newborn screening kits_

Screening supports early detection and timely treatment or counseling

RESOLVE test kits are designed to separate hemoglobins by isoelectric focusing
(IEF) on a thin agarose gel. The clean separation of Hb F from Hb A in our RESOLVE Neonatal gel kits permits differentiation of sickle cell anemia (Hb SS) from sickle cell trait (Hb AS). Due to the specificity and sensitivity of the gels we produce, separation of Hb C from Hb A2 and Hb E, as well as Hb D-Punjab and Hb G-Philadelphia from Hb S is achieved. Hb Barts may be clearly detected.

The preparation and separation of hemoglobin is accomplished through the application of a hemolysate onto a precast agarose gel. When an electrical current is applied to the gel, a stable pH gradient pH 6-8 is formed.  The hemoglobin variants migrate through the pH gradient in the gel until the isoelectric point, pI of the individual variant equals the corresponding pH of the gel. At this point, the net charges on the variants are zero and migration ceases. The electric field counteracts diffusion and the hemoglobin variant forms a discrete thin band.

For Hemoglobinopathies

Resolve Hemoglobin kit

The RESOLVE® Systems Hemoglobin kit is designed to separate whole blood, cord bloodor dried blood spot specimen for detection of normal and variant hemoglobins byisoelectric focusing.The kit is designed to be run on a flat-bed electrofocusing unit.This assay is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of neonatal and adult hemoglobinopathies. - View kit

For Hemoglobinopathies

JB-2 Staining System

The JB-2 Staining System is designed to stain hemoglobin on RESOLVE Hemoglobinelectrophoresis gels (FR-9120, FR-9400, FR 9360). - View kit


ExtendSURE HbFASC Controls (Hb610)

In the detection of hemoglobin variants using gel electrophoresis, immunoassay or other technologies, HB610 extendSURETM HbFASC controls provide the stability needed for reliable assay performance monitoring. - View kit

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