Resolve™ IEF System

JB-2 Staining System

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The JB-2 Staining System is designed to stain hemoglobin on RESOLVE Hemoglobinelectrophoresis gels (FR-9120, FR-9400, FR 9360).

The JB-2 Staining System is particularly useful when focusing hemoglobin in a lowconcentration. o-dianisidine, the active component of the Gel Stain Concentrate, isoxidized in the presence of hydrogen peroxide at the site of hemoglobin. This reactionproduces an insoluble, colored precipitate proportional to the amount of hemoglobinpresent.

Kit contents

Gel Stain Concentrate 2 bottles, 480 mL

Product number: FR-9367

Product may not be available in all countries. Please check availability with your local PerkinElmer representative.