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Resolve Hemoglobin kit

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The RESOLVE™ Systems Hemoglobin kit is designed to separate whole blood, cord bloodor dried blood spot specimen for detection of normal and variant hemoglobins byisoelectric focusing.The kit is designed to be run on a flat-bed electrofocusing unit.This assay is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of neonatal and adult hemoglobinopathies.

PerkinElmer has taken every step needed to assure the highest standards of reliability and safety in detecting hemoglobinopathy disorders. Employing proven isoelectric focusing (IEF) technology, the kit is supplied in versions for both adult and neonatal samples. It supports throughputs of up to 500 samples per day using whole blood, dried blood spots or cord blood samples.

The Resolve™ Hemoglobin kit provides analytical sensitivity of 0.4 μg hemoglobin / band when stained; without staining 1.6 μg hemoglobin / band can be detected. The values are less than 1% of the total hemoglobin applied on the gel. Intra-assay imprecision is 3 % measured by the distance of certain Hb bands of FASC control samples.

Product number: FR-9400 (360 tests) FR-9360 (3600 tests) FR-9120 (135 tests)
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