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DELFIA® Neonatal Thyroxine (T4) kit

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This kit is intended for the quantative determination of human thyroxine (T4) in blood specimens dried on filter paper as an aid in screening newborns for congenital (neonatal) hypothyroidism.

In the DELFIA Neonatal Thyroxine (T4) assay the analyte competes with europium- labeled T4 for the binding sites on T4 specific monoclonal antibodies and the fluorescence signal is inversely proportional to the analyte concentration in the sample.

Product number: A065-110 (10 plate)
DELFIA Neonatal Thyroxine (T4) kit

Based on DELFIA technology
Kit reagents for 10 plates (960 assays)
Calibrators and controls in DBS, lot-specific format
The unique fluorescent properties of lanthanide chelates of DELFIA technology are the basis for high sensitivity and low assay variation
Long-standing provider and market leader in NBS - proof of our reliability and customer satisfaction
PerkinElmer offers reagents, instruments, software, training and support
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